Below you will find some information on a few of the Astronomy related projects that I have undertaken. I hope this page serves as encouragement for those considering a project. I have just modest skills and experience but have found the process and results to be very rewarding. I hope you enjoy the pages, and maybe find some inspiration here, as I have from the many web pages like this I have searched for ideas.

Twin Tube Telescope * Manual Dob Setting Circles * Binocular Chair

Kid Peek Telescope* Downward Looking Binocular Mount * Easy Alt/Az Mount Mod

Barn Door Mount * Observing Stool * Cheap and Simple Red Dot Finder Mount

PST Eyepiece Shield Eyepiece Case Key Reel Red Light Keeper

 Kid Peek II * Observation Log and Sketching Forms Telrad Dew Shield 

Telescope Mounted Green Laser Observer's Eyepiece Bag


Manual Dobsonian

Setting Circles

The Kid Peek Telescope



Easy Alt/Az Mount Modification


Telescope Observing Stool

Model "22X4"



PST Eyepiece Shield

Key Reel Red

Light Keeper

Kid Peek II


Observation Log


Sketching Forms

Telescope Mounted

 Green Laser

Observer's Eyepiece Bag

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Home Built Astronomy Projects

2014 Rod Nabholz


lunar phases

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